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Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Cloth Diaper or Not To Cloth Diaper? That Is The Question

What a hot topic and very valid question to pose all new Moms these days - to cloth diaper or not? Since I wasn't really aware of cloth diapers as a practical option a couple years back when I had my son, I never even considered cloth diapers. All I thought of was how my Mom had spoken of the "true" cloth diapers she used back in the day, and I knew that simply would not work with my lifestyle in today's busy world. A year or so later, I discovered that the cloth diapers of today are not at all like the fold-them-yourself versions of years (or decades!) past. There are so many options and so many wonderful aides out there to assist in your efforts to cloth diaper, that it's really become quite a viable option! I'm not necessarily advocating cloth diapers over disposable ones, or vice versa, because I truly believe it's a personal choice that must fit with your own lifestyle, but I just wanted to make people aware of the options out there. Here you can find such pros and cons to cloth diapering and decide for yourself. P.S. Coming soon to Adam's Blankie: WET BAGS: the perfect accessory for storing cloth diapers on the go or even wet swimsuits, dirty shoes, or anything you don't want touching something else! (Contact Kari at adamsblankie@gmail.com to reserve yours today!) Let's hear from those of you who do cloth diaper, and let us know if you have a favorite brand/s, what you like or dislike about the experience, and if you'd cloth diaper again.


Linda said...

Just wandered across your blog and am immediately forwarding it on to my daughter whose darling boy is 5 weeks old. She will love your blog!