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Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Baby Shower Ideas for 2009

Baby showers are meant to shower the mom-to-be with the best of products around that she'll need to take care of baby when he or she comes along, of course. But along with that, they should be pretty, fun, inspirational and practical. Here are some great ideas to do just that while at the same time setting your shower apart from the rest!

Choosing Your Theme
I love the idea of using a theme for a shower, but picking one should be done wisely. I think it would be fantasticly clever to duplicate the theme of baby's nursery, so that it is not only a true welcoming of baby into his or her own world, but Mom can also take home meaningful & beautiful decorations from the shower to use in baby's nursery, saving her time & money all the wihle! I love this mobile that could hang above the cake table at the party and later be used in baby's room as a mobile over the crib.

Sending Invitations
A baby shower is an important enough event that the invitations should be done via snail mail versus an Evite or email, for example. Make them so beautiful that they are not only placed in baby's memory book but also in his or her room as framed decor. Check out Etsy, where all things are handmade, for some awesome possibilities and custom options like this giraffe invitation!

Selecting a Centerpiece
Going along with my theory of beautiful and fun yet practical, I love the idea of having a diaper cake as the centerpiece for the table. It sets the tone in a gorgeous manner, yet leaves no one wondering why they're at this gathering and what's in store for mama-t0-be, while supplying her with the mother-of-all-essentials: diapers! Just buy a pack of diapers, begin rolling them up, making the bottom layer biggest (most diapers) and the top layer the smallest (fewest diapers). When you've gotten the right size of each "cake layer," just tie together with some beautiful ribbons and set atop one another. You can either tie the ribbons in a bow, or fasten together with diaper pins...of course. :) Top with some fresh flowers for extra beauty and soft aroma.

Playing Games
I love the idea of having a game to break the ice at a shower, but make sure not to bombard your guests with too many of these. "Baby Shower Bingo" is a great one to keep the guests entertained while Mom opens the mounds of gifts at her feet, but including a game that is fun & memorable for Mom is a must in my humble opinion. I am particularly fond of the "Baby Statistics" game. Guests play by simply guessing what the statistics of the baby will be (for example, length, weight, eye color, date of birth, time of birth, etcetera). The winner will be determined after baby is born, of course, at which time the hostess can present him or her with a gift. If you just can't handle not having lots of games to play, visit this site for more game ideas!

Baking Cakes & Cookies
What baby shower is successful without a cake? Well, while I would not consider one necessarily unsuccessful without one, I certainly think it makes the shower that much sweeter! Martha Stewart shares this recipe for some delicious cookies for the next baby shower you throw. Hers are shaped for an alphabet-themed party, but of course, you can use this same recipe to make whatever shape of cookie you'll need for your specific theme. If you dare make the cake yourself, she also has a fantastic idea for making alphabet cake blocks. (My mom actually made me some very similar ones for my first birthday, which I then tried to duplicate with my son's first birthday. Let's just say I wasn't nearly as successful as my Mom! But it's the thought that counts, right?)

Showering the Mama-to-Be
Don't forget to pamper Mama at the shower by providing a gift not just for baby but for her, as well. Adam's Blankie carries dried french lavender sachets and eye pillows that can be custom-made in any of their designer cotton fabrics. I also found some fabulous sterling silver necklaces from SilverMePendants that can be customized and hand-stamped with baby's name and birthstone swarovski crystal. Present these along with some other essentials for the hospital delivery (e.g., candles, music mix CD, her favorite book, cozy socks, massage oil, gum, hard candy, etcetera) to Mama in an undeniably adorable Moses basket, and she'll love you forever!

Making Memories
Purchase a photo album for the Mom-to-be and recover the exterior in a fabric that fits the party's theme/baby's nursery (the 2 should align, as expressed earlier!). Start pre-filling it with photos of your friend while pregnant, shopping for the baby, or doing whatever it is she's been doing to get ready for baby. Add some journaling notes for her, and some space for shower guests to fill in with tips and advice for Mom & Dad. Mom can later add photos and her own notes in the rest of the pages once baby arrives.Here are some pictures of baby showers that have some of these elements put together, to give you some inspiration!

Hope you enjoy and put into place some of these ideas! If you do happen to make some of these happen, I'd love hearing about it and seeing your pictures! Email me at adamsblankie@gmail.com. Also, if you missed last week's "Best of Baby Shower Gifts for 2009," be sure to check out Friday's post!