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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spotlight On: Om Shanti Handcrafts ~ all natural, vegetarian bath and body

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kate Jones of "Om Shanti Handcrafts" through the Etsy site a few weeks back. She has created an awesome line of natural, vegetarian bath & body products that you simply must try!

I received the "Out In the Garden" gift set a few days ago, and experienced bliss from the moment I opened the mailbox, when an amazing aroma wafted around me! The set includes "Ease the Burn" sunburn spray, "Good-smellin Bug Stuff" spray (insect repellant), "Scratch and Dent salve" balm (to treat scratches and knicks from thorny bushes and other backyard calamities!), & your choice of one of her soap bars (personally, I love the lime rosemary scent, although the oatmeal cookie sounds divine, as well!). While we don't tend to have mosquitos in the southwest (this time of year, at least!), I sprayed some, and was pleasantly surprised by its citrusy yet minty & awakening scent! The salve was non-greasy and left my skin feeling smooth and buttery ~ another pleasant surprise! Also, I must confess that I typically use the liquid versions of soap, but absolutely loved the soap bars I received. They produced a nice sudsy lather, and left a mild and pleasant scent afterwards, not to mention a silkiness to my skin! (I might have to convert back to the traditional bars!) This set would make a beautiful Mother's Day gift, especially for the avid gardener, of course!

So I got to ask Kate a bit about her business and how it got started. She told me that what began as a hobby in her kitchen to create her own natural soaps and lip balms, blossomed into a thriving business that allowed her to quit her "real job" and focus on producing her quality bath and body line. What I especially love about her products is that they are natural, safe & vegetarian ~ no fragrances, emulsifiers or preservatives are used in them! And while no animals are used for testing, Kate instead enjoys the pleasure of testing them on herself; as she puts it, "How often do you get to take baths and call it product-testing?" Well put, Kate. Beyond the natural ingredient list, she also uses recycled packaging for shipping her products, and that's something we all can admire.

You can now purchase her products online at her Om Shanti Etsy store. Also, be sure to visit our blog again tomorrow to sign up for chance to win one of Om Shanti's fantastic products!!!