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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Binkie & Tooth Fairy Pillows

All right. Any parent out there who has had to tear their 2 or 3-year old child away from his or her "binkie" (pacifier) knows how difficult this dreadful time is for both child and parent alike. "Why can't there be an easier way to do this?!" you ask.

Adam's Blankie has your answer:

Binkie Fairy Pillows
When the time arrives that you think is paramount for weaning your child from his binkie, you are to wrap up as a gift and present your child with the Binkie Fairy Pillow. Upon opening, explain to your child that he is a "Big Boy" now and that his binkie is now needed for the new babies being born who don't have binkies yet. That night, have your toddler place his binkie into his new Binkie Fairy Pillow and then have him hang it from his doorknob. Explain that the "Binkie Fairy" will come that night and in exchange will bring him a toy! In the morning, your toddler awakens with sheer delight that he has both helped a newborn find comfort in his old binkie (well, okay. this part might take a while) and that the "Binkie Fairy" has gifted upon him a new toy!

This very pillow can later double as the Tooth Fairy Pillow. This time, though, your child is placing her missing tooth in the pillow for the "Tooth Fairy" to take in exchange for some coins.

"Sounds good. So how much do the
"Binkie Fairy" and "Tooth Fairy" bring to kids these days?"

Good question! Obviously this will vary by household, but a survey done by Parents magazing in late 2008 showed the following averages for teeth and other items:

Tooth Fairy - $1/tooth
Allowance - 50 cents- $1 per week for each year of age
Party present - $15 for preschooler
Teacher Gift - No consensus. Parents recommended $10 giftcard to Starbucks or $20 giftcard to bookstore.
Babysitting - $8-$10/hour for suburbs, and up to $20/hour in big cities (e.g. New York)

To purchase the Binkie Fairy/Tooth Fairy pillow, please visit Adam's Blankie.

I'd love to hear how this goes if you do it! email me at adamsblankie@gmail.com