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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FINALLY: Nontoxic Nursery Paint!!

Of course we all want our baby's room to be bursting with color and filled with a fresh new coat of paint as we anticipate their arrival! Or we're so looking forward to getting rid of the "baby-themed" room our toddler has outgrown, and yet again, can't wait to work the walls over with a fresh coat of paint!

One thing I have learned through my Interior Design school is that paint is, in fact, that easiest (and cheapest!) way to totally transform a room! I couldn't agree more - I absolutely swear by the stuff! But I do not like all the odors and chemicals that come with it, particularly when making over children's bedrooms.

Mythic has come out with a line of high-performance paints that are free of carcinogens and do not have volatile organic compounds or toxins. This is fantastic news, as those toxins have been linked to respiratory illness. Mythic paints are low odor, and were developed at the University of Southern Mississippi in collaboration with scientists.

These gems will run you about $17-$22 for a quart, but well worth the cost in my opinion, especially if your child suffers from asthma or allergies.