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Monday, June 8, 2009

Instilling Good Values Through Good Reads

Storytelling is such a great tool for teaching invaluable lessons to our children. Sorting through them all & knowing which ones to buy are the challenging parts about it, though. I always have found it best to seek the advice of other parents who have been there and sorted through them already. Another great strategy is seeking out the advice of librarians...here Elizabeth McChesney, a librarian from Chicago, advises as to what she considers her must-reads for kids learning some good values (courtesy of Parents magazine):

A Good Day (Kevin Henkes, ages 2-5)
The friends from this story learn that sometimes what appears to be a bad day is actually one to be grateful for.
Crictor (Tomi Ungerer, ages 6-9)
A boa constrictor from Africa earns respect & gratitude of a French town.

Hooway for Wodney Wat (Helen Lester, ages 2-5)
The boy is this story is teased because of his speech impediment, but he gains respect after saving the class from the bully at school.
Do Unto Otters (Laurie Keller, ages 6-9)
Lessons on how to respect each other are given as funny examples in this book.

Don't Need Friends (Carolyn Crimi, ages 2-5)
At first Rat doesn't want to be a good friend, but he discovers he must in order to help out Dog.
The Bake Shop Ghost (Jacqueline K. Ogburn, ags 6-9)
Miss Cora Lee Merriweather (a ghost) can't leave her former bake shop until her wishes come true, and another special baker must figure out what they are.

Duck & Goose (Tad Hills, ages 2-5)
Waiting for an egg to hatch, Duck & Goose learn about patience.
Frederick (Leo Lionni, ages 6-9)
Frederick is a poet mouse in this story about setting aside things all mice must have to last through tough, cold winters.

Know of some more books to teach our children invaluable lessons?? Please comment below and/or email me at adamsblankie@gmail.com.