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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Best of On-the-Go Items

Going along with yesterday's topic on what is and is not essential for the ever-growing (or so it seems...) diaper bags, I thought I'd bring to you some specific brands that I believe to be one of the best in its category from those items mentioned as "needed" (or "nice to have") in the modern mom's diaper bag.

Diaper Bag (DB) Item #1: Bib and Burp cloth - Adam's Blankie. I chose Adam's Blankie because every item is pre-washed in liquid baby detergent, handmade & constructed in designer all-cotton fabrics. They are creative, unique, comfortable and chic enough for Mom to wish she had her own matching item to coordinate with baby's! Not only that, but you can request custom items at no added cost - if you see an item you like, but want it in a different fabric, just ask! Now, tell me, how many companies out there do that for you??

DB Item #2: Snack (or snack cup in this case) - Boon Snack Ball. I chose the Boon Snack Ball ($8.99) over others because it is not only modern & stylish in its design, but also BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free. And at just $6 for one, I find that a real deal.

DB Item #3: Bottle - Glass with Siliskin - Okay, I will confess that I did not use glass bottles with my son, but if and when my husband & I have another one, I'm going to use these glass ones with the mod, functional siliskin cover ($7.00), I promise! I've heard enough scary stuff out there about chemicals leaking from the plastic bottles, so let's just play it safe and go with these!

DB Item #4: Hat - Sunhat from Polarn O. Pyret. I chose this hat ($20.50) because not only is it gender neutral and goes with essentially every outfit, but most importantly, it has an ultraviolet protection factor of 50.
DB Item #5: Diaper Rash Cream - Diaper Rash Ointment from Kiehl's. This ($17.50) was my pick because of it's use of apricot kernel oil & shea butter, not to mention its soft smell.

DB Item #6: Pacifier Clip - White Minky Clip from Adam's Blankie. Okay, so as my son was (and is still!) sooooooooooo into his pacifier (or "nee-nee," as it's affectionately called at our house!), I know all there is to know about the clips that keep these at bay! I tried every kind of clip out there, and came to the notion that I must create my own in order to make it the best around! Our company, Adam's Blankie, uses high-quality clips with a plastic insert to prevent damage to clothes, and minimize shifting. These were THE ONLY clips my son could not pull off from his clothing. The pacifier clips ($7.50) come in different colors, fabrics, and even lengths if you'd like to use one for holding toys in addition to pacifiers!

DB Item #7: Wipes - Double Minky Wipes case from Mod Mami. I chose this wipes case (sale $12.97) becuase of its beauty AND texture - who doesn't love to caress some luxurious minky, afterall? This one's great because of its gender neutral palette, as well, although, if you're into something ultra girly or super boyish, Mod Mami offers that, as well.

DB Item #8: Toy - Wooden Teether from Ticki Tacki Toys. Okay, I'm not sure if this actually classifies as a "toy," per se, but trust me, when baby's teeth start coming in, you'll want something like this in your diaper bag to appease her when she starts getting cranky while she's out! I actually have a couple of these myself, ready to give as gifts or to try with our next baby because I find them highly modern & fashionable, and LOVE that they're handmade, stained with berries of choice (blueberry, cranberry, or beets), and finished with beeswax and organic flaxseed oil.

DB Item #9: Wet Bag - First Numbers with Zipper from Adam's Blankie. These wet bags ($17.50) are SUCH great items to have in your diaper bag whether you cloth diaper or not, because we've all been there when we're at the grocery store or out shopping, and baby has a blow-out! Now you can just whip the mess into the wet bag, zip it up, and you're done with it. Get home & toss the cloth diaper AND wet bag into the laundry and you're set! Another FANTASTIC use? Wet swimsuits! Get them in small or large size, and request custom fabrics from their inventory, free of charge.

DB Item #10: Plush Toy - Giraffe Rattle from Adam's Blankie. These are soooooooo adorable and perfectly small for petite hands. The rattles ($12.00) are completely hand-made, washable, & rattle with a small jingly bell inside. They're made from designer all-cotton fabrics, and are pre-washed for minimal shrinkage; you can also request in any of their designer fabrics, free of added charge.


Ginette said...

I just found your blog off of BlissNine's blog, and your blog is great! I love your taste and your products alike. I have never seen a "wet bag" before and have to tell you that it is GENIOUS. LOVE it.