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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fab Ideas for Feeding Fiascos

Here are some fabulous ideas I ran across that some brilliant mamas came up with for common feeding fiascos we may all have encountered before.

Preventing a Burned Tongue
When the oatmeal comes out hot, it's hard for your toddler to wait for it to cool off. To prevent a burned tongue and save time, freeze some cubes of milk prior and just drop into the oatmeal when it's ready. It will cool the oatmeal and add some calcium & nutrition to the breakfast.

Preventing a Stained Shirt
Instead of having to fight food stains your little ones have managed to get all over their shirts at dinnertime, try assigning some of those free giveaways shirts you've received along the way as their designated "eating shirts." Stains won't matter, thereby saving you time & money with the laundry, and your kids won't feel bad about getting their shirts a bit messy.

Preventing Unnecessary Time in the Kitchen
If you have a couple kids, and one is going to school, while one is still at home, this is a great idea to save some time in the kitchen. Instead of preparing lunch for the older child (in school) in the morning, and the younger one at lunch time, just make them both together in the morning. You'll not have to make lunch twice in the same day, and your littler one will feel so grown up having his own sack lunch like big brother or big sister!


Chic Mama said...

I just wanted to say that you have cute stuff! Nice work!