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Friday, July 3, 2009

My Wishlist of Children's Items

So we all have our own "wish lists" that tend to run on the long side, right? (I hope I'm not the only one out there!) Here are some adorable children's items that I wish I could buy now for my son, or buy for any future children we might have...or maybe just buy to give away or even to sit around the house and admire for a while...nonetheless, some inspirational, plain old fabulous pieces!

Musical Stacker from inhabitots.com - kids learn not only to stack but can make their own music as well - great space-saver, too, might I add (I love toys that double their purposes!)!

Cork Children's Chair ($238) from inhabitatshop.com - so chic, hip & totally earth-friendly!

Squeeze Me Mittens from inhabitatshop.com - soooooooooooo cute, and they are meant to "inspire hand-holding"!! you KNOW you would love a picture of you holding your kids' hands in these!!

Miracle Ball by PlanToys from Oompa

Market Stall by PlanToys from Oompa

Maple-Walnut Rattle from Timbur - functional & beautiful

Padded Toy Stroller from ForeverandAfters

Swivel Chair from Ikea

Wooden Toaster by PlanToys from Oompa

Bamboo Racer by Hape from Oompa
Noonie Swaddler from Lalas Pequenos - a stylish way to snuggle with your newborn!

Bonsai Book Caddy from Ecotots

Nesting Toy from Fine Wooden Toys

Sweet Jasmine shoes from Gracious May - if I ever have a baby girl some day....

Stuffed Owl from Tiny Warbler

Seesaw from IkeaClick Clack Tree by PlanToys with "ladybugs" that roll down the rails!