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Friday, August 21, 2009

Give-Away #5: Little Lily Bamboo

I met Jade from Little Lily Bamboo and absolutely adored her products from the minute I read about them. I always keep washcloths in our kitchen drawer to wipe my son off after a nice, messy toddler-esque meal, but don't like the mildewy smell the cloths seem to acquire after a few uses. Having talked to my Mom about this, she had advised trying something out of bamboo because it resists odors and is natural. SO, when I came across this little pearl-of-a-shop, I knew I would love it!

I received a few of their baby wipes and have been using them ever since. I'm actually going to throw away the cotton ones, and start exclusively using the bamboo ones (once I have a big enough supply - need some for the kitchen and some for the bathroom) because there is really no comparison between the two. I honestly believe if you try, too, you'll do the same!

They do come bundled as shown in the photograph above, making them great gift-giving options upon receipt.

Here are some things I learned about bamboo from Jade:

*Bamboo stays SOFT wash after wash and cleans up beautifully.
*Bamboo is soft enough for childrens' faces, but "scrubby" enough that adults can use them in
the shower too!
*Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial & non-allergenic!
*Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, so is a very eco-friendly, sustainable choice.
*Bamboo can hold up to 3 times its own weight in water.
*Bamboo naturally deters insects & pests so is an organic material, as it requires no chemicals as
it grows.
*One side of bamboo is smooth and the other is a little soft like the inside of a sweatshirt - either side is great!

And here is a bit more about Jade and her eco-friendly business...

How did your business start and when?

I started Little Lily in May [2009]. I had been talking to a friend one day and she was telling me how she was having such a hard time finding quality baby washcloths. She keeps a kitchen drawer full of them to clean her kids after meals, and they all wore out so quickly and were so flimsy that they were a pain to wipe the kids off . I saw an opportunity, and decided to run with it. I chose organic bamboo because I have recently developed a large interest in eco-friendly products around my house. So, I made a couple cloths just to try them, and LOVED them, so I opened up shop so I could make them available to others who were like me.

How did you come up with your business name?
It's my nickname for my second daughter. Her name is Tegan Lily, but we love both of her names so much, that we call her by either, and lots of the time, I just call her Little Lily.

How long have you been making your creations?
I just made the first in May. It was a great way to live out the last trimester of my pregnancy!

What medium/s do you use to create your products?
All of them are made from Organic Bamboo fabric. It is a blend of 85% organic bamboo, and 15% organic cotton. I [also] use fleece and french terry and will be adding more bamboo fabrics and products soon.

What sets your business/products apart from others that create similar items?
Little Lily products are cute, simple, and very practical. There are a few other bamboo washcloths out there, but not many, and I enjoy educating potential customers on the benefits of using bamboo.

Any other comments, advice, feedback, discounts or otherwise you’d like to share with your blog followers?
I would love to encourage everyone to take some time and learn about the benefits of bamboo as an eco-friendly choice, and you can feel free to ask me any questions about it! Also, if you make a purchase from me and mention that you saw this post on the blog, you will receive free shipping for your items! Happy Shopping!

Jade has also generously offered one of our lucky readers a FREE set of her organic bamboo baby wipes!!

Here is how you can win it!
Just visit Jade's Little Lily Bamboo store and find the most deluxe must-have item you love,
then come back here and comment on it.

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J Fo said...

What a great thing bamboo is?! I never knew! I would love these for my own little munchkin and for baby gifts! jessfol82@gmail.com

Hailey said...

fabulous idea. I had no idea bamboo was so versitile. I really like how she packages a set of 20 for a really resonable price. I think this would be a fantastic gift idea and I would love some for my kitchen and bathroom as well. Wouldn't that be nice too to not have to buy baby wipes anymore?!

Jamie said...

I recently started wearing bamboo sweat socks and LOVE them. Can't decide which product I like the best on this website tho ;) Would love to give them all as gifts since I don't have any kids of my own! Any mother would be lucky to learn the luxury of bamboo. I think the wipes are great tho. Thanks for finding this hidden treasure Kari!!!

~Jamie, jboline6@hotmail.com

Jamie said...

Just realized I'm also supposed to leave a separate comment about being a subsciber!


Jamie said...

And a follower :)


Sarah said...

i like the bulk package. it pays to buy in bulk!

Sarah said...

i tweeted a link the giveaway too!

Digital Misfit said...

The Large Organic Bamboo Swaddling/Receiving Blanket is just lovely.


Digital Misfit said...

I follow your blog :)


Jen Bridgham said...

I love the size of these. Perfect for the right job!

the monkey's mama said...

oh i just love the Large Organic Bamboo Swaddling/Receiving Blanket. It looks delicious!

the monkey's mama said...

i follow!

the monkey's mama said...

tweeted! http://twitter.com/monkeygiveaways/status/3789638757

the monkey's mama said...

i have your button on my blog! http://monkeys-on-the-bed.blogspot.com

PS I just realized that you asked for our email addresses in each comment. If you just "reply" to my comments, my email will pop up. I also have my email listed in my profile. Here it is just in case, though:

the . monkeys . mama {at} gmail {dot} com

just remove the spaces and the "{}" :-o I've been email-spammed before for listing my email on blogs so i hope that is okay! thank you!