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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Blitz is Drawing to a Close...

Whew! What a whirlwind that was! I know that these past weeks have been overwhelming with all the give-aways and new businesses brought to your attention, so I'm just going to give it another week for people to read over them, check out their businesses and enter for the give-aways. So, the good news is, if you're just checking in, you have 14 give-aways to enter by September 13th! Then I'll draw and post the lucky winners around September 14th! Good luck!


the monkey's mama said...

woohoo! i can't wait to start entering!!!

the monkey's mama said...

Okay! I did it! that was so fun! I loved all the stores you picked out! Great work organizing it all! Can't wait for the big announcement!

-Courtney Rae* said...

I must say, you have opened my eyes and helped me so much!!

I was just surfing the web for baby stuff (im a mom-to-be, due this winter)cause i couldn't find anything original around the area i live; pretty much, if its not at walmart, your out of luck.

i came across your blog on accident actually, but once i started reading i fell in love.
So i started a blog, just to follow yours, which seems silly, but i am amazed now.

And want to say thank you!
I will be telling all my friends and people around the area!!

Hailey said...

Great job on the give-a-ways girl! Loved them all!