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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Family Photos.

So are you one of the thousands of families who does an annual family photo to send to friends and family at Christmas time? Ours is. And probably much to my husband's disapproval, but, hey, I like all the traditions of Christmas, and this is one I'm not about to give up. (Afterall, I love receiving them from other people, and the only way to stay on their list is to send them one yourself, right??) Well, it's really the annual letter I send with the picture that really boggles him, I think. Having been brought up in the midwest, he tells me the letter must be a midwest thing, but I'm not so sure. So you gotta let me know if your family does these, too, and that way I can set him straight! :) And while you're at it, how do you display yours? Like the above picture? In a basket? I'd love to hear! Anyway, if you are one of those families, it's about that time to get your family Christmas photos underway, if you haven't yet started that whole process (only 6 weekends left before the arrival!).

So our family is a big fan of taking the pictures ourselves (the last couple years, we've just used the self-timer on our basica camera and gotten some great results out in nature), but of course, you can always line up a professional or a friend who's a natural with photography.

From that point on, I like to use my good friend, Astraea, who is much more tech-savvy than me and does a fantastic job bringing your family portrait to the peak of greatness! If you're looking for some affordable, one-of-a-kind photos, be sure to check Announce This out (click "Holiday Greetings" at the top for samples).