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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Ask, You Shall Receive...PATTERNS!

A lovely Wednesday morning to you all, I hope!

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about something (other than my pregnancy, of course!)... I wanted to share with you our EXCITING news that both our Gourmet Play and Adam's Blankie stores will now be offering our in very high demand {and very economical!) PATTERNS! That's right, now YOU can have the same couture & toys but at a fraction of the cost (most will be a mere $5 per pattern!) by making them yourselves and without the cost of shipping, as well! And once you have the pattern (emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase), you can use them to make the items over and over again...sweet. And we'll also have a Fabric Kit option available for most patterns just in case you want to save even more time by not having to go to a store for fabric, not to mention having access to our fabulous designer fabrics! Of course, you'll still have the option to purchase the goodies already made by me, but this gives you some options...which are always good to have.

We have a few items listed already and will be adding more and more every week! My goal is to have at least half our items available as patterns, so I'll be a busy gal! This will, of course, allow me to have some "rest" once baby girl arrives in March (because YOU'LL be doing the sewing instead of me!), which was a huge part of the inspiration, along with my desire to share my creativity with you!

These are absolutely FABULOUS for the upcoming (or maybe it's officially already here?! that's up for debate, I guess...) holiday season, by the way, and also for birthday parties and baby showers naturally!

Our first ones that are already up and ready to be purchased include our Paper Bloom Balls (a folkcraft I learned from my Mom who used to make them when she was a little girl!), Owie-All-Gone bags, bean bags & shaped crayons! They are beginner level sewing (no sewing involved for the crayons, of course!), so, YES, you can DO IT! :) Up next? Tooth Fairy Pillows & Sachet Kits!!

paper bloom balls

shaped {snowflake} crayons

owie-all-gone bags

bean bag set

To aid in our progression over to a pattern-friendly store, I'd like to know a few things...now just hang with me a second...because if you participate in my little questionnaire, I'll offer THREE LUCKY WINNERS ONE FREE PDF PATTERN EACH (You MUST enter your name/email at the end of the survey to be entered)! Click here for our survey! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support and time!