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Saturday, January 30, 2010

{Wahmies} Review

Wahmies is a cloth diapering company specializing in one size diapers, inserts, cloth wipes, wet bags & my definite favorite of theirs, their award-winning diaper pail liner.

So I recently received one of their one-size diapers with all snaps (they do also carry their one size diaper with snaps and their "quick hook feature" - see image below). The first thing I noticed was its absolutely beautiful (to both see and touch!) with cozy, velvety velour lining on the inside that fits up snug to your baby's bottom and wicks away the moisture from their skin. As it is a pocket diaper, you put in the insert/s of choice in the back opening, with the number/s of inserts you use dependent upon how heavy a wetter your child is (or if you're wearing during the day vs. nighttime, for example). It does conveniently comes with a trifold insert made of bamboo & cotton.

My 2yo son tested it out, and it fit him snugly. We had no leak issues whatsoever, and getting it on him was a snap (no pun intended!). The diaper also washed up beautifully and dried quickly (one of the big benefits of pockets versus AIOs (all-in-ones)).

I also received one of their Diaper Service Quality Pail liners (MSRP $17.95) in a soft, pearly irridescent pink. It's really quite beautiful and is a 3-time award winner!

So what makes it award-winning, you ask? Well, for starters, it's a very versatile design & size to fit almost all diaper pails out there (most people use a typical kitchen garbage can for these). It fit my 42 quart pail nicely, and the site says it fits up to the 52 quart-sized pails, as well. What aids in that perfect fit is the elastic top to contour to any sized opening (round, square, or otherwise), which is also a safety feature in itself, as there are no bungee ties in which a child could become entangled (unlike some other diaper pail liners out there). It is made of the ever-popular PUL waterproof liner and is PVC, pthalate and lead-free, making it even that much safer a product.

But what do I love best? The little patch of fabric sewn into the seam on the inside. Whatever could you use that for, you ask? Well, you can add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, orange, lemon, tea tree, etcetera) to help keep it smelling fresh (or, at least, as fresh as a diaper pail can be)! Ingenious! And when wash day comes around, just remove the whole liner with diapers, empty into the washer, and toss the liner in with your wash, and voila! Everything comes out clean and ready to be used again after drying.

Visit Wahmies to see more of their products and retailers that carry their products, as well.