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Monday, February 22, 2010

{Kid Basix/SafeSippy2} Review.

I know many of us have given a lot of thought into safe bottles for our babies, but what about when they get a little bit older and are using sippy cups? There doesn't seem to be as much emphasis in the marketplace on safe sippy cups for toddlers. But that's where Kid Basix comes into play.

Kid Basix offers safe, non-toxic bottles & cups for children, ranging from their stainless steel bottles to their sippy cups and even sports bottles {that would be great for Mom or Dad, too, by the way}. The Safe Sippy cups are constructed in stainless steel along with plastic parts that are certified to be free of BPA and phthalates. The stainless steel itself is also non-leaching & free of toxic chemicals, unlike some other metal bottles out there.

Safe Sippy2 {$14.95 - see coupon code below for 25% off!!}

We received this modern, hip teal Safe Sippy 2 cup, and as soon as my son saw it, he was asking to use it. Now I must tell you, he is very particular about his cups {and just in general for that matter...takes after his Mom!}, so the fact that he actually wanted to use this cup was the first
bonus for me! So I told him I'd wash it up for him, and he could use it with his breakfast. Then I got to reading about the cup itself and got even more excited ~ now this is some cup, Moms!

For starters, as I mentioned, it's a safe cup, and it's utterly modern and adorable ~ looks just like a cup Mom or Dad would use, so your toddler is sure to feel like a big boy or girl. But there's oh-so-much more! It includes the following features:

*removable handles
*removable insulating sleeve ~ great for helping keep the cold liquids cold, it also has little bumps on it for an easy grip for little hands
*dishwasher safe
*no-spill spout {hooray, for no spills!}
*straw adapator ~that's right, you can convert this bad boy for your little one who loves straws!
*travel cap ~ to help keep that spout clean and free of ickiness
*travel plug {the dark orange piece, shown in above image} ~ prevents fluids from spilling out and making a big sticky mess in the car!

I mean, come on now, how innovative is this cup? I especially love the removable handles because my son is so into having handles on his cups right now..but the beauty? Once he's over that stage and will presumably want nothing to do with handles {you know how toddlers are!}, I can simply remove them. And the fact that you can convert this cup from a typical sippy {that you tip to get a drink from} to one that uses a straw {hence, no tipping} is absolutely ingenious!

I'm so pleased with the cup, I plan on buying the pink version for our baby girl to-be!

BUY IT: To purchase your own Safe Sippy2 {or any other Kid Basix products}, visit Kid Basix. And as a Haute Tot and Baby Couture reader, receive 25% off your entire order with code AB2010 good 2/22-3/14/2010.

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