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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Children at Play.

I believe I've mentioned this place before, but I'm so enamored with it, that I thought it would be worth writing about {i.e., showing} again.

To celebrate our little guy's birthday this past weekend, we took him to the Phoenix Children's Museum. Ooooooh, what a treat this place is! If you're lucky enough to live here, you simply must visit if you haven't done so already! The museum is in an old school-house {NOT your typical schoolhouse either, might I add} that's actually 3 stories tall. Each level has spectacular activities for the kids, including a level especially for about 2-4 year-olds, which our little guy simply adores and where he'd spend his whole day if he could.

What I am so impressed with is how they utilize the simplest of everyday utensils and tools to make the vast majority of their amazing toys and activities! They have chandeliers made from silverware, ball rails made from cups and PVC pipes, & reinforced actual grocery containers for use in their market/shopping center. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.... But, alas, a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, so I thought the pictures we took would be more inspirational than anything I could write about it! Enjoy! And let me know, is there a fabulous children's place in your neck of the woods? We'd all love to hear {and see, if you have pics!}...afterall, we all travel now and then, and just may stop by if we're around your parts....

part of their "fort" room

learning to create with their "wooden tree" toy

in the "noodle forest," one of our little guys' absolute favorites!

a glimpse into the market {grocery shopping} center; there are shopping carts, checkouts with registers and real "beeping" sounds, as well as what looks to be a loading/unloading truck {mural} complete with rolling rails to slide the groceries along.

what a clever gate!

isn't this "shoe wall" adorable & oh-so-creative?

washing up in their "art room" ~ several tables with whatever the craft/s of the week are, along with a huge castle to paint, and groovy music to boot!

kids' "plinko" game ~ where will it drop?!

the "ball room" ~ another favorite of ours with loads of rails, chimes, and ways to release and watch balls rolling, rolling, rolling!

how cute is this bathroom sign?

put the puffy balls in, and let the air shoot them through the "tunnels" and out the hole! {you can even change which direction the air blows, and hence, which course the balls will take!

one of the "mirrors" above the sinks in the bathroom

this photo doesn't do this justice, but this shows what's yet to come...part of their amazing, 3-story "climber" due this summer! can't wait! {don't you love the flying bathtub?!}

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