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Monday, April 5, 2010

{GIVEAWAYS}...just around the bend.

Just wanted to post that I'm a bit behind on my reviews and giveaways, as you can see...but no better excuse than a new bundle of joy to love on! That being said, the fantastic giveaways listed on the side are coming soon, so make sure you're checking back often so you don't miss out on your chance to win some fabulously couture products!

Also, please do remember I'm trying to raise money for our Drowning Prevention campaign (I need $1000 by May 15th!), and that all who donate something will be entered into a drawing to receive an oh-so-couture Sushi Bib & Burp set from Adam's Blankie! And so far, we have only 1 contributor, so please, please check it out on the right-hand side bar! As I said before, if all blog followers gave just $5, we'd reach our goal!!

Thank you for considering! Hope your Easter weekend was fabulous (We had a blast dyeing eggs with our 3yo - he really got into it this year!)!

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