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Friday, April 16, 2010

Handmade Spring Cards

Instead of buying and giving out traditional cards this Spring, how about making your own floral ones that mean more to the recipient and are certainly less expensive {And I totally dig these more than the silk flowers...you just can't get better than the real thing, right?}?

These are perfect for using for your kids' "thank you's" after birthday parties, for "thank you's" for baby shower gifts and really for any time you need to send a little special note out.... Make a bunch at a time so that you have them on hand when you need them in a jiffy. They'd also make a fabulous gift for a new Mommy if you make some blank ones up and bundle them in twine, so that she has some "thank you" notecards on hand to give to all those lovelies who sent her a baby gift. She'll certainly appreciate such a thoughtful gift and especially being able to stay at home with the little one instead of having to go out to find "thank you" cards.

What you'll need:
fine-petaled flowers
glue or other adhesive (spray, Mod Podge, glue stick, etc.)
embellishments (optional)

writing tools (pens, markers, crayons)
embellishments (glitter, stickers, ribbon, etcetera...get creative!)

1. Pick some delicate flowers from your garden (pansies and daisies work well).
2. Place between the pages of a large, heavy book. Leave in there for about 2 weeks.

dried pansies

3. Have the kiddos glue (or mod podge) the flowers onto cardstock to make their own Easter cards or Spring pictures (great to give to grandparents!).

pansies dried onto cardstock (we used Amy Butler paper)

4. Add a handmade note on the front (or back...up to you, the artist!) such as "Thank You," "With regards," or "Thinking of You," for example.

one of the finished products...will add handwritten note on back

5. If you're really crafty (or a scrapbooker and have tons of materials on hand!), add as many intricate details to them as you like...like ribbons, buttons, bows and punch designs!

I made up these the other day to give to all the generous Mommies who have been bringing us meals since we got home from the hospital with our baby girl. I thought a homemade "thank you" was a great way to show our appreciation for a homemade meal.

Now, how easy was that?

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