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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mommyhood-isms #2: Make Time.

You've probably heard the phrases, "Families Who Play Together Stay Together" or "Families Who Play Together Grow Together."

And while I couldn't agree more, I sometimes find it difficult to find time for this.  All the demands of being a mother {well, I don't want to stereotype here, but this is at least true in my circle of friends!} ~ from house chores to child care to cooking and running errands, it's exhausting.  Add in the fact that most mothers also work yet outside the home, too, and that makes for one exhausted mama!

But.  And this is a "big but" {no pun intended!}.  You simply MUST make time for your children.  Now, we can't actually make time in a literal sense, of course.  But could you imagine? "Dear God: Today I'd please like 26 hours in my day.2 extra hours for uninterrupted sleep today. Thank you. Amen."  So, I've been making a conscientious effort to spend more time playing with my kids. How?  Well, I've been cleaning less for one thing.  And if you knew me personally, you'd realize what a neat-freak I am, and that letting some cleaning go is actually a really big feat for me!  So things aren't always clean.  So what?  In fact, when I told my husband that I really needed to clean because I'd waited longer than normal to do it, he was like, "Really?  I hadn't noticed."  Hmph.  So all my effort cleaning goes to waste you're telling me?  Even more reason to do it less and put that effort into something that counts: family time.

Another suggestion would be to take 10 minute breaks here and there {whether you're a student studying, cleaning, working from home, etcetera} to spend one-hundred percent focused time on your children.  Get into their world and really just be with them.

I promise it will all pay off in the end.

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