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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Annual Survey for Your Kids - Fun Memento to Keep!

So Little A Train starts pre-school today.  I can hardly believe it.  Just where does the time go?

I'm a big fan of traditions, so I wanted to come up with something we could do every year when school time comes around.  Now, I have to admit.  This idea is NOT my own, but I saw my friend did it, and I thought, "Hey, what a great idea!"  {Thanks, Nicole!}.

So this is it: an annual survey to take every year with each of your kiddos, surveying their favorites!  And what a sacred, simple memento to store in their Keepsake Box {I'm going to keep it really simple, and just put responses on index cards}.  It will be fun to see how his answers change over the years!

Here are Little A Train's responses for 2010 (3 years old):


Color - blue
Animal - giraffe
Movie - Finding Nemo
Song - all from Animaletters CD (made by his Grandma who teaches this at her preschool!)
Car - BMW (not sure why...think because he just saw one yesterday)
Place - water park
Game - Candyland
Store - Old Navy (because they have graphics that project onto the floor, and he likes to chase them!)
Drink - chocolate milk
Food - PB & J
Dessert - vanilla ice cream
Restaurant - Chic-Fil-A and Chipotle (he's been eating there every week for his whole life, so no surprise there!)

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