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Friday, August 27, 2010

VOTE {and WIN!}!

I've been working really hard lately to come up with some awesome items for the baby boys.  I think our MOD FRAY Collection and TIE BIBS are a good start...but I'm still not satisfied....

That being said, I am very excited to report that I have a BIG IDEA in the making!  I'm in the works with my husband to bring you something very special....  So as long as it works, I think it will be HUGE! {Stay tuned for more details!}

In the meantime, I've gathered a few boy prints out there, and wanted to get your feedback as to what print/s you like best.  Please vote for your favorite 2 from the following 10 fabrics:

rocket numbers
rocket words

mod circles
citron giraffes

graphite giraffes
let's build it
mustard traffic jam
aqua traffic jam
little critters
Just go ahead and vote your pick/s in the comments on this post.  And while you're at it...

*Also, be sure to add a comment on the following link for your chance to WIN A SHABBY CHIC HAIR CLIP - there will be 3 WINNERS!

*And  lastly, please let me know...if you could have ANY design put onto our MOD FRAY bibs, what would it be?  I'm looking for something hip, modern and totally unique.  And if you come up with something I use, you'll not only WIN A BIB WITH YOUR IDEA but ALSO a fabulous additional prize from Adam's Blankie!!  Here's the link to add your vote: 

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erin, maker of chimes said...

let's build it
mod circles

those are my favs

We're always on the hunt for baby boy things that aren't "light blue" as that's the team colors for the rival college!

Emily B said...

I'm picking both of the giraffes. Love these!

pam said...

My two favourites are Rocket Numbers and Aqua Jam.


pam said...
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MamaMimi said...

Let's Build It
Mustard Traffic Jam

Although I do think all of them are cute, those are my AHHHH SO CUTE ones =)

tartankiwi said...

citron giraffes and little critters are my favourites :-)

Peach Rainbow said...

aqua traffic jam & mod circles

Hailey said...

Trucks & Rocket Numbers

Life With the Crazies said...

I like the "aqua traffic jam" and the "Let's build it"

can't wait to hear the idea!