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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I {heart} Agritopia.

Most of you know by now that I live in the Phoenix Metro area.  It's a great city {despite some of the recent press here ~ ugh!}, and I love it....all except for the scorching summers, of course.  BUT...having grown up in the bitterly cold Midwest, I'll take it over the freezing winters up North!

One of the neighborhoods close to us is Agritopia.  It's a quaint little neighborhood in which some day we hope to live. They offer fabulous playgrounds {I can't even count how many.  10? More?}, white picket fences {a rare breed around these parts}, NON-cookie-cutter homes {even MORE rare in Arizona!} that are NOT stucco {say whaaat?} and offer basements {gasp!}, gardens, orchards, not to mention a couple of my favorite spots to eat: The Coffee Shop and Joe's Farm Grill {also featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ~ they serve fantastic food right from their garden!}.

Italian Vespa - a common sight here
Joe's Farm Grill ~ Local, Urban, Organic Food -- worth a visit if you're here!!
A fruit orchard

Garden plots for "the people" - you can pay for your own small plot to garden in

view from the Coffee Shop to Joe's ~ lots of grass to play in {see below!}
a place to buy the fresh produce right from the garden

So today I took A-train and Baby K for a visit.  We headed to the Coffee Shop {a place we go to weekly!} for some coffee and a cupcake.  Mmmm...  Now these aren't just any cupcakes.  The girls of The Coffee Shop actually not only went on Cupcake Wars of the Food Network but they also won their episode!  And now they sell these cupcakes at our local Nordstrom, as well.  But lucky for me, we can go just a couple miles to get them from the Coffee Shop.  {By the way, if you've never seen Cupcake Wars, I highly recommend it!  The Coffee Shop won with their "coffee and cigarettes" cupcake.  Not one I think I wanna try any time soon, but.....creative!}. :)

side view of The Coffee Shop
a portion of the front patio

Today's cupcake: Sweetheart Cherry
playing outside afterwards

So some day I hope to report back on the blog that we've moved there.  But until that day, we'll continue to visit and love that special little place called Agritopia!

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