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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

anyone want to win OVER $7000.00 worth in prizes? {yes, please!}

So two of my wonderful photographer friends both have HEEE-YOUUUUUGE giveaways going on RIGHT NOW!  One is over $6000 in prizes {I know! "gasp!" right?!?}, and the other, $1000!!!  Aaaaaand, both giveaways will give ONE lucky gal tooooooooooons of divine goodies! I SERIOUSLY wish I could enter them myself!!!  I've been LOVING checking out all the creative shops and products, and I KNOW you will, too!

So, one giveaway ends TOMORROW, so you better get your little fastly furious key-tappin' fingers over there ASAP and get your name in already! This giveaway is with Laura Winslow Photography.  She is an absolutely amazing photographer, and is local for any lucky Phoenix blog readers.  Be sure to check her page out and book a session!  {I KNOW you won't be disappointed!}

The other giveaway, with Christina Hendrick Photography, ends Sunday night {the 8th}!  But enter now, so you don't forget!!!  Here is the link to that one! If you live in the San Diego area, be sure to check out her portfolio and book a session with her, too!  She's also a fabulous photographer with a keen eye for detail and is very efficient and highly personable, as well!

Thanks for checking them out, everyone!  ALSO, be sure to check back here frequently as adam's blankie is going to be hosting OUR OWN HUGE GIVEAWAY soon!!! {can't hardly wait!!} :)

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