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Thursday, June 23, 2011

NEW Bridal Couture!! {insert squeal here!!}

Since having introduced our hair accessory line to adam's blankie, I have since been encouraged to start a bridal line of accessories.  Okay  You twisted my arm.  I'll do it!  {EEEEEEEEEK!!}  I LOVE weddings!  In fact, I think if I didn't enjoy creating accessories, I'd probably look into becoming a wedding planner!  So the fact that I had overlooked doing a line exclusively for brides is beyond me - but alas, here I am!  In full "bridal mode!"

So this past week I went shopping for some goodies (kids in tote and all!) and came home to start creating...  I came up with my first four pieces this week and can hardly wait to start designing some more!  After putting some thought into it, I also decided that all pieces will be completely one hundred percent original and unique!  No two will be exactly the same -- because I think that's the way it should be for the beautiful bride on her most special day!

I haven't yet listed these in the shop, mainly because I'm still trying to find a vendor for small shipping boxes.  {I simply refuse to send these in a flat envelope with padding...they're sooo worthy of a box!!}  So once I get those figured out, I'll begin listing on Etsy {whoo-hoo!}!

I am also offering bridesmaid and flower girl hair pieces, along with garters {which can be made to match the bride's hair piece}!!  And, of course, I WELCOME custom orders!  So if you are a bride who would like to get the design process going for all your hair couture needs, feel free to email me at adamsblankie@gmail.com, and I'd be happy to going with you on this joyous and gorgeous adventure!

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