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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Art Turned Softies

If you were like me, you made some absolutely outrageous pieces of art as a kid, did you not?!  Drawings that only you and your completely creative, totally unbound mind could come up with, right??!  Would it not have been the best EVER to have your drawing (creation) come to fruition in "real life"?? Well, that's exactly what Wendy Tsao at Child's Own Studio is all about: taking their drawings and turning them into tangible "softies" {sooooo clever & fabulous, I just LOVE it!!!}!!

Just take a peek at a couple of her creations {but be sure to check her site for more ~ they're quite unbelievable!}

And here is what appears to perhaps be a unicorn seal spider? Whatever it be, I love it!

The details that a child's mind can conjure up are brilliant, truly.  Their ideas are completely untamed, untainted and widespread with magic!  And I just LOVE that about children {Ahhh, if only we, as adults, could keep that same spirit!!}!   So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered "Child's Own Studio!"  I can hardly wait to send in one of my kid's drawings to be turned into something they created!  Talk about a childhood keepsake!! Now just to wait for my little guy {my little girl is too little just yet!}to draw something he totally loves & identifies with ~ then I'll know it's the one to become a "real childhood playmate" for him to chat & dream away with in his room of sky-is-the-limit wonder!!

Just a tip, Wendy is no longer taking orders for Christmas, but she advises to please stop by her shop in January when things have tamed down a bit.  Her creations run anywhere from $60-130 CAD....I think they'd be a super fabulous investment, myself!

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