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Thursday, December 27, 2012

REFERRAL CONTEST!! Win Adam's Blankie Bucks!

I wanted to do something fun with you all for the New Year, and so I came up with a REFERRAL CONTEST to hook one of you up with some awesome cash to spend in our etsy shop!

Starting NOW through January 31st, send as many BUYING customers to us as possible!  Send the most** and you win a $40 shop credit*** to our store!  Yowzas!!

For any referral you send, upon checkout in our shop, the buyer MUST MENTION YOUR NAME!!  There is a place to put "notes to seller" on etsy when checking out, so right there, they just need to type in your name that you referred them to our shop! 

I'll tally up the referrals as they come in, and post the winner here on the blog on February 1st!  Remember, to qualify, you must refer AT LEAST 4 purchasing customers!

Good luck, and Happy New Year!

**Winner must send AT LEAST 4 purchasing referrals to qualify for the prize.
***Credit is good toward ONLY hair accessories, and excludes our "imagination crowns" and "stitch art couture" headbands.

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