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Friday, May 1, 2009

Doodle Diddie Crayon Rolls

Adam's Blankie carries a distinct product within their line called "Doodle Diddies," which are a deluxe crayon roll used for toting along your child's crayons or markers to places like the airport, a restaurant or a doctor's office to keep them occupied while waiting. They are top-of-the-line in that they have an interior batting inside for extra cush (less chance of the crayons breaking) unlike most other crayon rolls on the market. They are small enough to place in your purse or diaper bag, yet big enough for 24 crayons OR markers (most others we've seen only hold 8 crayons, without the option for fatter markers). They are not only functional, but made mod in their designer cotton fabrics, which roll up with a vogue ribbon for closure. Did I mention they are also sound-free, meaning more peace for you?! We also love that they help hone your child's art skills and promote creativity AND come with 24 FREE Crayola crayons ~ a great birthday gift option for kids 1-5. You can check their site for options ~ the wonderful thing is, if you see any fabric you like, they offer custom orders, so the sky is (just about!) the limit!