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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spotlight on "My Personal Gifts" ~ Handpainted Shirts & Onesies and FREE GIVE-AWAY!!!

A good friend of mine introduced me to Jennifer, co-owner of "My Personal Gifts,"and I have gotten the privilege of getting to know her a bit more and of being the lucky recipient of one of their highly fashionable, free-handedly painted T-shirts. My son received his reef shark shirt a few days ago, and he was thrilled with its arrival and wanted to put it on immediately! I was very impressed with the prompt delivery of the package, and even more enthralled with the quality, precision & accurate depiction of the painting.

As I myself am always on the look-out for children's clothing that is not exactly like that of every other child you see on the street, I truly appreciate their extra effort to provide absolute custom fashion, which is evident through their philosophy to never produce any two products that are exactly alike. Additionally, they welcome adding your child's name to items, and happily accommodate use of particular brands of shirts and onesies at the buyer's request. But beyond being abundantly adorable and completely custom , I love their nature-inspired use of non-toxic acrylic paint on cotton in creating their one-of-a-kind shirts and onesies.

Jennifer tells me that while the business officially began in February of this year, the artists (Jennifer, her Mom and Aunt) have been creating these delights for decades! Continual complements on their hand-painted gems are what prompted the birth of the company, Jennifer says. In addition to their hand-painted clothing, "My Personal Gifts" also offers custom songs, baby bracelets and soap wedding favors.

Now the part you're really going to love! Jennifer has graciously offered to GIVE AWAY a custom hand-painted onesie from their line! Winner chooses size, theme and whether or not they'd like a name added!!! In order to be entered into the drawing, you must visit their site, then come back to this blog and comment on this posting with what your favorite item is from their shop. Also, please don't forget to include your email address so that we have a way to contact you, should you win! The lucky winner will be drawn and posted on our blog on MAY 11th! Good luck!


Elizabeth said...

Adam's shark shirt is super cute, but I love the soap cakes! Those are beautiful and so original!

Megan Bowman

The Krull Family said...

Adams shirt is so cool! I love the soap bundt cake and the giraffe onesie. Super cute!

Hailey said...

Adam is so cute in his shirt. I LOVE the bracelets! I wish I would have gotten one for Vivien when she was a baby. They are so fabuloous!

Hailey White