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Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Baby Names 2009 - Vote and WIN!

It's always tricky finding the right baby name for your soon-to-be-angel-on-earth, isn't it? You don't want something everyone else has, yet you don't want something too bizarre, you don't want them to be made fun of (like "Sandy Beach" or "Candy Cane" -- no joke, I actually know people with these names!), & you don't want people mispronouncing or misspelling it all the time. What's a couple to do? Here are some interesting names Parents magazine has deemed as the best for '09 depending on the "style" (interesting method, I thought) of a name that you want.

Boys - Denver, Troy, Brooklyn, Houston, Milan, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Cairo, Jordan
Girls - Aspen, Florence, Charlotte, London, Kenya, Geneva, Savannah, India, Sydney, Dakota

Boys - Henry, William, Harry, James, Louis, Andrew, George, Edward, Albert, Charles
Girls - Diana, Victoria, Catherine, Mary, Christina, Elizabeth, Isabella, Anastasia, Cleopatra, Anne

"Rock Stars"
Boys - Jagger, Iggy, Sid, Kurt, Elvis, Axl, Rilo, Kanye, Lenny, Billie Joe
Girls - Janis, Stevie, Avril, Miley, Fergie, Alanis, Joss, Beyonce, Madonna, Ashlee

Boys - Charles Xavier, Angel, Logan, Bruce, Kalel, Peter, Clark, Anakin, Hero, Robin
Girls - Elektra, Storm, Rogue, Domino, Buffy, Mystique, Jean Grey, Phoenix, Angela, Shera

"Gods & Goddesses"
Boys - Jove, Jupiter, Apollo, Sol, Tempus, Shai, Kairos, Enamerion, Gleneus, Hercules
Girls - Athena, Calliiope, Chloe, Dia, Gaia, Flora, Helen, Iris, Phoebe, Venus

"Movie Stars"
Boys - Brad, Tom, Johnny, Will, Ashton, Orlando, Clive, Jude, Ethan, Keanu
Girls - Gwyneth, Angelina, Cameron, Uma, Julia, Drew, Demi, Halle, Renee, Scarlett

"Hola, Baby"
Boys - Enrique, Jose, Emilio, Alejandro, Carlos, Eduardo, Miguel, Pedro, Tomas, Javier
Girls - Carmen, Antonia, Luisa, Maribel, Carlota, Valeria, Yolanda, Selena, Esmeralda, Sofia

"American Idols"
Boys - Clay, Ruben, Bo, Taylor, Constantine, Sanjaya, Blake, David, Justin, Chris
Girls - Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie, Jordin, Melinda, Kimberley, Jennifer, Katharine, Lakisha, Syesha

Boys - Francois, Jean-Paul, Gerard, Jacques, Claude, Antoine, Gilles, Marcel, Pierre, Sebastien
Girls - Genevieve, Soleil, Elisa, Amelie, Brigitte, Celine, Dominique, Juliette, Madeleine, Simone

"Country Clubbers"
Boys - Chase, Archer, Alistair, Beaumont, Blair, Barron, Penn, Stanford, Alfie, Harrison
Girls - Avery, Brynley, Ives, Heatherly, Virginia, Grace, Poppy, Eleanor, Paige, Georgia

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you have a better one? I have many pregnant friends clamoring for just the right name, so I thought I'd put the task in your hands to come up with some fantastic ideas! Comment to this post with the name/s you think are best and why ~ I'll sort through the recommendations and pick my Top 5. Those lucky winners will then receive a coupon code for 20% off any one regular-priced item from Adam's Blankie! (Please be sure to leave your email address when commenting, so I have a way of contacting the winners!).