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Friday, June 26, 2009

Help Your Kids Learn to Love Veggies

There comes a time when most children reject vegetables as an even remotely close edible option for dinner! (Some kids even reject them right out of the womb!) It's funny how their taste progresses...I remember my son absolutely loved his pureed peas and squash as an infant. Then, in an instant, one day he decides he won't tolerate them. It's maddening for parents, of course, especially when the pediatrician keeps asking about how the veggies are going, right?

I tried sauteeing the vegetables in butter, and adding some brown sugar to cooked carrots, or topping broccoli with melted cheese, but I'm telling you - these "tricks" just did NOT get past my son! (If you find they work for you, though, by all means....!) The one thing I DID find that worked was investing in a juicer. Now I can sneak in any old vegetable, as long as it's with enough fruit! I usually do some apples and oranges alongside veggies like carrots & celery -- you'd be surprised what you can get away with! You really can toss just about any fruit or vegetable in there (except bananas), so you don't have to follow a receipe, per se, although most juicers do come with a recipe book with some great mixing options.

Another alternative, or perhaps, just an "enhancer," if you will, would be purchasing "Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden." It's a book written by actress and mom Kimberly Williams-Paisley, in an effort to get her own kids to eat their vegetables. Henry rejects vegetables by hiding them under his napkin, but after a visit to his aunt's farm, he discovers something that changes his perception of vegetables. You can purchase the book for only $5.00 at www.loveyourveggiesgrants.org - a small price to pay for investing in your child's health!

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