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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cherishing Your Children's Doodle Art

So your child is an artist, and ohhhh, how to display the masterpieces being created on a weekly basis?? Here are a few fantasticly chic ways to display & cherish your children's artwork:

"Instant Masterpiece" - it's an inflatable old-world style frame for really bringing that "Monet" print into a museum-style format. Purchase for just $8.95 from Brooklyn5and10.com.

"Clips on a Clothesline" - I personally love this idea, and am looking to putting something like this in my own son's room. You just take some fishline, buy some cute clips and hang the artwork from the fishline in their own bedroom or craft room, should you be so lucky to have one of those! You can purchase the clips and line from Land of Nod for $12.95.

My personal favorite - "Jewelry Art" - the most clever way to show off and forever cherish the masterpiece: have it made into a jewelry piece! Mommytags.com has one they call "Doodle Tags" ($95) that inscribes the art on a sterling pendant, or you can visit any number of Etsy shops (if you know me at all, you know I love Etsy!), like Eclisse Creazioni for the art to be permanently stuck onto tile pendant bracelets, charms or necklaces (range about $25-85).