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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lessons a Mommy Can Learn from Her Little One

So of course we as parents have so much knowledge, skills & life lessons to teach and pass on to our children. BUT, what about lessons they can teach us? I found these quotes from a Parents magazine, and thought they were so adorable and insightful so wanted to pass them on to you. Just imagine your little one saying (or thinking) them...they're just so precious and really make you think.

"Love me, even when I'm naughty. I'll only be this age once."
"Be patient. I do everything for a reason, but I don't know enough words yet to give you an explanation."
"Don't expect too much from me. I want to do what you ask and make you happy, but I'm still little."
"Keep your promises. It's all about trust. When I'm a teenager, you'll understand why it's so important."
"Let me do it. I know you can do it faster and better, but sometimes experience is the best teacher."
"Stop freaking out about the mess! There's always time to clean - but how often do we get to make mud pies?"
"Don't try to reason with me when I'm having a tantrum. Trust me - I can't hear you over my own screaming."
"Don't let me think that you're perfect. I feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only one who makes mistakes sometimes."
"Set limits. I can't actually eat a whole box of cookies - I just want to see if I'd get away with it."

(by Mary Mohler)