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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Labels to Customize (and not lose!) Your Children's Personal Items

So a huge pet peeve of mine is losing any of my son's cups, books, clothes...you name it! After losing the 3rd or so cup from the church nursery, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to purchase labels for all his things we took everywhere on the go. I've listed a few different options below, depending on your own budget, need or preferred style. I think they're all spectacular ideas, and REALLY helpful on the budget, not to mention keeping germs away by making sure little Johnny doesn't use your kid's cup in school.

FREE address labels - just make a donation to any organization that sends out all those address labels for you, but give the donation in your child's name. You can not only feel good about receiving a bundle of free labels in the mail sporadically, but also feel good about helping out a beneficial organization (e.g. wildlife, diseases, animal rescue agencies).

Labels for every occasion from stuckonyou.biz. I ordered some labels from Stuck-on-You for my son and absolutely love them. They have lasted over a couple years now, and have been through the dishwasher umpteen times and still look brand new and haven't started peeling at all! Stuck-on-You even offers shoe dot labels & iron-on clothing labels, not to mention you get to pick the shape, color & image to go along with your child's name!

BumpyName Orbit Labels - these are non-adhesive and reusable labels you can use for cups, bottles & sippy cups. You just stretch and release to apply around the cups. They are also dishwasher and microwave-safe. You can purchase from inchbug.com.

So go check these labels out, and may you never lose another one of your child's personal belongings again!


Jen Bridgham said...

I also use bumpy name and stuck on you!!! LOVE them!!!