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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to School: Calming the Nerves

So although I'm not there yet, this time of year (at least in Arizona, where things all seem to be going toward year-round schooling...and believe it or not, they're actually starting to send kids back in this heat...(if you're not familiar, it's been about 115 degrees here the past week)) I start thinking about all the little ones getting ready to go back to school, and about how much anxiety this can cause for some. I never really dreaded going back to school, living in a small town where we hung out with the same people in the summer anyway, but I DID always want to make sure I had the best possible outfit for that first day!

Anywho, I was thinking about what it will be like for my son once he starts in school (this is still a couple years away...), and what I will do to help alleviate any anxiety should he have any, and here's what I've seen from others or come up with on my own...

*Go shopping with your kids for new clothes
*Go shopping with your kids for their school supplies, and let them pick it all out! (I know...I'd struggle with this one, too!)
*Take a tour of the school before the first day (especially if they're new there). Having you there with them beforehand should make them feel a bit more comfortable.
*Bake their favorite cookies to have after their first day of school (let them know they'll be waiting for them!)
*Talk to them about why they feel anxious, and try to reason with them as to why they needn't be
*Pack something that brings them comfort inside their backpack (depending on the age, this could range vastly - anything from a lovie, special stuffed animal, stickers, or what have you...).
*Host a "Back to School" Party for your child with their friends