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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fixing Boo-Boos in Style

No child (or parent, for that matter) likes experiencing the pain from a boo-boo, of course, but perhaps a little stylish rescue from Mom or Dad would help lessen the pain. I know it worked for me as a kid!

Start with an "Owie-All-Gone Bag" from Adam's Blankie. You can custom order these in any designer cotton fabric available from their shop, and they come in three sizes - small, medium or large. Store them in the freezer and then pull out when the owie beckons. The pain will go away and all in stylish, mod fabric, without any chemicals or the sting of ice. The better bang for your buck is that the medium and large-sized ones also double as heat therapy packs, meaning Mom & Dad can use them, too, to relieve aching muscles & cramps!

Then you can apply any number of designer bandages out there. You've probably seen some basic character-themed ones in your local grocery or drug store, but check out a few sites listed below for vintage ones like Pac-Man & Peanuts along with your kids' favorite foods like pickles, bacon or sushi!

Pac-Man bandages from Thisnext.com

Sushi bandages from PerpetualKid.comMonkey bandages from Mcphee.com

Cupcake bandages from PerpetualKid.comBacon & Eggs bandages from Thisnext.com

Once the bandage is ready to be removed, you can do so in a painless manner by dousing a cotton ball in some baby oil (or olive oil, if you don't have some baby oil in the house) and then rubbing it over the bandage until it falls off!

The only trouble now? Preventing boo-boos your child inflicts on purpose, just for the sake of some fashionable first-aid!


L'erin said...

Such cute finds! I month or so ago i bought some Ambulance Band-Aids from Old Navy of all places. My kids love them!

ProjectHope7 said...

Love your blog! had to tell you I actually came here, i think i saw your button on Jacqueline K or something like that... Aqua is my favorite color, and combined with chocolate it always draws me to check it out! So glad I did... I now am following you on google, and subscribed. Will try to email you soon also . maybe I can do a review of your products on my blog! have a great day!
cathy b
projecthope7 at gmail dot com