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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Children's Bathrooms: To Do or NOT To Do...THAT is the question....

So what's been on my mind as the latest "house project" (do they ever end?!), is possibly redoing our secondary bathroom as a children's bathroom. It is, in fact, just used by our son (and any vacationers staying with us, which is not very often the case), so I figure, why not make it something he enjoys? Now, mind you, he's only 2, so exactly what kind of enjoyment he could get out of it, I don't know. I do know that will be one of my husband's cons against my desire to redo it once I get muster up enough courage to bring this topic up to him (He's just been around for too many of my doing (and redoing!) house projects...I guess it's time to move now that I've done every room and have NO white walls whatsoever around our house!).

So, my question is...do you have a bathroom decorated specifically for your child/ren or not? And, whatever your answer, why is it that way? (Can you see I'm trying to seed out some rationale to explain to my husband why I want this done?! :) Or, on the other hand, maybe you'll convince me we actually don't need a bathroom decorated with a kids' theme).

Once you've told me that, and if you do think a children's-themed bathroom is the way to go, what are some fabulous children's bathrooms you've seen out there and would recommend? We have just one child now, but will be expanding our family, and since I can't foretell the future and don't know if it would be another boy or girl, I'd like to keep the bathroom theme gender neutral. I was tossing around the idea of just some basic dots in a theme of colors, more or less. I KNOW I don't want ducks or frogs, since those seem to be everywhere...but what else??