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Monday, August 3, 2009

Chunky Chocolate Diva Dots

As I'm sure you know by now if you follow this blog at all, I am a huge advocate of sophisticated, mod & ultra-stylish products for babies and toddlers alike. Having a background in the field of interior design, I truly believe what you surround yourself with will affect you, your attitude & behavior.

That being said, I found these deliciously "chunky chocolate diva dots," as I've affectionately coined them, by Dwell Studio, and I think they're utterly fabulous! The simple yet sophisticated chocolate dot pattern comes in a plethora of items, so you can get just a few, or go crazy and buy a wide assortment. Here are a few of the items I think are quite posh and would make lovely gifts (not to mention they're ultra versatile in their gender neutral pattern & palette):

Diaper Tote - $144.00

Bottle Holder - $18.00

Soft Blocks - $28.80

Giraffe Pillow - $28.80

Soft Ring Stacker - $32.40

Storage Bin - $72.00