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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Everything Elephants

I'm not sure why, but I really had the knack for bringing some adorable, functional & down-right stylish kids' elephant toys & accessories I've been stumbling upon lately to you. If you're thinking of doing an elephant-themed nursery or toddler room for your little one, here are some fabulous pieces to consider!

Red Elephant Chair by Charles & Ray Eames - $290.00. This piece is truly a piece of art and comes from the famous Eames designers. If you know anything about furniture or architectural design & history, you know the Eames'. You really can't look in any furniture magazine these days and not see something they've designed. So if you buy this piece, I'd plan on holding onto it as an heirloom work of art. It was originally made of plywood in 1945 & was later constructed in this plastic version so that children could actually use it - good idea, since it was designed for them to begin with! It comes in 5 colors and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Elephant Magnetic Stuffed Toy (set of 3) by Dwell Studio - $41.40. These would make adorable art forms put on shelves in the nursery, and also double as a creative, plush toy your child can use to learn about sequencing while developing large motor skills.

Pink Elephant Bank by Dwell Studio. Every child must have a "piggy" bank if you ask me. But why must they all be piggies?? Well, they needn't be, although it is a bit tougher to find them NOT in the piggy shape, I'll admit. Great as an art display at first, use it later to teach kids the fundamentals about money and the importance of saving. This pink version comes to you from DressfortheNines and retails for $36.00.

Or here's a boy version of the elephant bank from Dwell Studio for $70.20.

Tumbling Elephant (toy, chair, rocker) from bObles. This is quite an elephant toy, if you ask me. You can sit it on its fit for the ultimate art deco look in your child's room or toyroom, or you can tip it on its side and have your child nestle into the crook to support his or her back for some reading time. Turn it upside-down, and your little guy can rock back and forth on it! Get it for $139.00 in any of a variety of colors.

Elephant Bookshelf from DwellStudio. Need a place to store those books and make it look cool? Look no further. Here is a hand-crafted elephant bookshelf that will make quite an impression in any nursery, bedroom or toyroom. Get it for $153.00.