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Monday, August 17, 2009

Give-Away #1: Life Events


For those of you who have been hiding in a cave,
you have visited our blog on SUCH an exciting day!
Today starts 4 LONG WEEKS of FREE GIVE-AWAYS!!
Each weekday for approximately the next 4 weeks, I'll be bringing a new business to you.
I'll feature & review a product of theirs,
and also host a drawing for a FREE item from their shop, as well!
Many of the artists have also offered special discounts/incentives
on making purchases from their shops, too, so be on the look-out for some
fabulous finds, amazing deals, and chances to
win some free and deliciously divine products!

Give-Away #1
Life Events

We start this fun journey with Ann from Life Events. She is the owner & designer of all kinds of inspirational & creatively fun "paper gems" for all life events, as she'll explain below.

I received these fabulous little "baby milestone cards" from Ann the other day, and was absolutely delighted when they arrived! A box along with 16 cards are included, which come pre-folded and ready for you to add baby's milestone details as they occur. You can jot down your notes on the front, and then toss a picture inside, too. Each card also has a small tab at the top, so that you can easily find which milestone you're looking for when one of them happens! I am especially fond of this idea for Moms having their 2nd, 3rd or beyond child, because quite frankly, there's just not nearly enough time to be digging out the baby book when they happen once you have older toddlers or school schedules for older kids occurring simultaneously! I'm quite excited to be able to use these once our own baby #2 arrives!!

Here's a bit more about Ann and Life Events...

How did your business start and when?

My business, Life Events, event123.etsy.com started on etsy on March 23, 2009. I was an art teacher for 5 years but stopped working when I had children. With frequent requests for party invitations and friends and family seeing my work they encouraged me to sell my designs. So I now work during my children’s naptime and late at night. However it does not feel like work, I love designing new items and hearing how much my customers love their purchases.

How did you come up with your business name?

My husband came up with it. He says that my side of the family seems to make all of LIFE EVENTS into a real event. For example my grandmother had a small goose dinner party she bought camouflage fabric added glitter and a little sparkle for a tablecloth. She taught me to pay attention to detail and to make an event memorable.

How long have you been making your creations?

I have always loved making art. My mother once told me I went to a bookstore and I could pick any book I wanted, I walked and walked around the store and I picked a blank book. I wanted to make my own. Turning a blank, white piece of paper into something was and still is thrilling to me. As for the items in my shop it is 7 years worth of work and it is still continuing to grow.

What medium/s do you use to create your products?

I use the computer, and like I always told my art students, “the computer is just another tool, like a pencil.” I love the fact that I can quickly change an object from yellow, to blue, to green and on and on; or I can click: edit, undo if I made a mistake. (Don’t you wish life was like this sometimes?)

Are your products located in any brick-and-mortar stores?

That is a dream of mine to walk into a stationary shop and see my handmade designs in a real store!

What sets your business apart from others that make similiar products?

I truly think my designs and products are for LIFE EVENTS. Everyday we wake up it's a blank piece of paper, a new day; new events will be taking place. From exciting events like weddings and babies to everyday events like sending your children off to school or cleaning the house. I think I am exceptional at taking an idea a client has and putting it into print. I love custom orders: I can create a monkey hanging from a tree with pink sneakers on to a hot pink bus full of bachelorettes. [LOVE THIS LAST SENTENCE, BY THE WAY!]

Ann has been gracious enough to offer any reader who orders $45 or more from her shop, 16 FREE custom calling cards. Just type: I love Haute Tot Couture in message to seller notes!

And now for the part you've been waiting for...Ann will be giving away a set of her "Lunchbox Notes" to one lucky winner! These are sooooooo adorable and such a perfect way to say "I love you" to your child when away at school. Simply slip inside their backpack or lunchbox, and include your special message for them to discover later in the day! 12 different cards with matching envelopes are included! These would also make a fantastic present for a friend or daughter with a new child going to school, and come professionally packaged for giving away!

Here's how you can win it!

*Visit Ann's lovely shop, Life Events,
come back and comment on your favorite item in her store!

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All winners in our give-away blitz will be posted early-mid September.

Good luck!


Krull Family said...

Lots of favorites, but if I pick one, I'd say the arcade party invites, adorable!

Krull Family said...

I follow your blog!

Krull Family said...

I've got your button on my blog!


Sarah said...

I follow your blog, tweeted about the giveaway and put your button on my blog too! My favorite item is the personalized family stationery. Thanks for the chance to win!


Hailey said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Ann's etsy shop. She's one talented woman! My favorite are the family stationary and modern mom recipe cards. They're fantastic. I'm also glad that I saw her baptism invitations becuase I'd like to order some for Levi's dedication. Awesome!

Dawn said...

What a cute shop! I love the small lunch box notes - perfect for school that will be starting up soon!


Dawn said...

I just became a follower! I added you to my favorites!

Jamie said...

I loved the baby milestone cards pictured above as well. Had a hard time finding them on her site tho :( Think it's a great idea, especially when it's not the first child and things get a little more hectic.


Jamie said...



Jamie said...


Whew! All caught up for the week. My new schedule is killing me. I miss not getting my daily fill :)


Jen Bridgham said...

I follow your blog!

the monkey's mama said...

i super super super love the personalized family stationery. We used a silhouette of our family for our Christmas cards last year but these look just as good and are less expensive! bonus!

the monkey's mama said...

tweeted! http://twitter.com/monkeygiveaways/status/3789864610

the monkey's mama said...

i have your button on my blog! http://monkeys-on-the-bed.blogspot.com

the monkey's mama said...

and for my last comment on the giveaway blitz

I am a follower!

(phew! i loved visiting your blog and all the Etsy stores...for more than an HOUR!)

-Courtney Rae* said...

there were so many goodies on that page!
The Complete Baby Shower Package for baby girl would be awesome since i haven't had a shower yet! and would really help with the stress caused by trying to get one ready.
Baby Sticker and Thank You Cards (in the owl design)would also be nice because the babys room is gonna be owls.
but the Personalized baby shower thank you cards would be really neat also. makes it Feel more personal.
between those 3... i dont think I could narrow it down any more.


-Courtney Rae* said...

i follow

-Courtney Rae* said...

and subscribed!