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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give-Away #2: Garden of Holly

I met Holly of Garden of Holly a few weeks ago, and was impressed with her line of baby products she carries in her store, especially now that I'm expecting baby #2! She sent me her belly butter, and I've been religiously applying it ever since! Along with the belly butter, I tried her Baby Dew Herbal Baby Bath. Now, this makes for not just any old bath. It really is likened to experiencing a fine tea. You essentially are "steeping" your own bath ~ from filling a muslin tea bag with the herbal blend and adding to the bath water to your likeness. You can also customize it for an even stronger bath by first steeping in boiling water before adding to the tub! But more on the Belly Butter & Baby Dew Bath later...

First I want to get to what was even better than the actual products I received - that is, the information Holly sent. It truly was enlightening to read about the natural remedies out there and what amazing qualities they have. For example, did you know that rose hip seed oil can successfully treat stretch marks & eczema? Did you know that wheat germ oil can be effective for treating a dull complexion or prematurely aged skin? How about that kokum butter helps prevent dry skin & wrinkles? One thing I do know is that Holly has pored over information for hours upon end, and thus has a vast knowledge of what natural products work and specifically what they work for. Natural. That's all she uses. Because as she relays, most commercial cosmetic & cleaning products contain petrochemicals, parabens & phthalates, not to mention they're actually used in baby products, if you can believe that!

So here's the thing...as all these ingredients are natural, you need to be thinking "spa" or "Sedona therapy" (I had to throw that one in...if you're not familiar with this Southwest "paradise," as some might call it, you should look it up! It would make for a fun vacation!). The fragrance of the Belly Butter is earthy and natural because, well, that's what comprises it. It truly does remind me of what you might find in a high-end spa. It is very aromatic, but in a grassy, meadowy way. The consistency is a thick buttery-yellow cream that glides right over your skin. The Baby Dew Bath is very fragrant, as well, not to mention, quite beautiful with its dried flowers & buds. And I quite love the muslin tea bags used...it really makes for an experience, not "just a bath." Again, think high-end spa.

The other part I haven't yet tried but am very compelled to do so now would be to try any of her natural cleaning products. So if you haven't yet checked it out, please be sure to stop by
Garden of Holly, and do you & your family a favor but going green with some of these fantastic products!

Holly shared a bit more about herself and her business with me...

How did your business start and when?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for plants, soil, and sky. My interest in natural medicine became serious after I was injured in a motor vehicle accident at the age of 14. I underwent many forms of treatment to assist with the pain and depression that followed. I was helped most dramatically with massage therapy and natural medicine. My massage therapist became my mentor. Then, in 1999, I became a nationally certified massage therapist. During my schooling, I had several lessons on wild crafting herbs and preparing herbal infused oils and salves. This whet my appetite for more herbal knowledge. I began reading every book on herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy and flower remedies I could find.

Later on, in 2004, my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby. This inspired me even more to make our home as nontoxic and healthy as possible. I also became very concerned about the types of products I was willing to put on my body with a growing life inside of me. I did extensive research and learned about the parabens, petrochemicals, and phthalates used in commercial cosmetic and cleaning products. Even more alarming, these harmful chemicals were in all of the grocery store baby products. I became determined to not introduce these poisons and damaging synthetic products to my precious little baby. I began handcrafting my own safe organic body products for both myself and my son, as well as making my own household cleaning products. I was very pleased with the results. I was also very excited to share these products with friends and family. So, before long, I was making products and giving them away.

My father suggested that I begin selling my creations, and so began Garden of Holly. I am still avidly pursuing more knowledge and in the process of getting my herbalist certification under the training of Rosemary Gladstar and her fantastic team of educators.

How did you come up with your business name?

A friend of mine came up with the name Garden of Holly and I thought it fit beautifully , not only since my name is Holly but also because Holly has been revered for centuries for its evergreen properties. It is my business mission to remain Ever "Green" and sustainable, both by using natural ingredients as well as local ingredients.

How long have you been making your creations?

I have been steadily making my own products for 5 years and I have been doing it for a business for 1 year.

What medium/s do you use to create your products?

Garden of Holly is proud to offer a line of beauty products and cleaning supplies that are nontoxic and synthetic free. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches and made to order. We use only fresh organic, certified organic, and wild crafted ingredients. Only therapeutic grade essential oils are used in our products. Also, none of our materials are ever subjected to high heat. These facts, as well as obtaining almost 100% of our supplies from local suppliers, allows us to offer the most fresh and potent products possible. Our products are rich in minerals and vitamins readily absorbed by the skin. Here at Garden of Holly, we recognize that everything you put on your skin enters your body through your pores and is carried throughout your entire body by the circulatory system. That is the reason we never use any parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes.

Are your products offered in any brick-and-mortar stores?

It is my personal commitment to offer only the best ingredients possible in my products. It is also my commitment to keep my prices in a range that most people can afford. I feel that everyone deserves organic, healthy, beautiful bodies and homes. Since I choose to use almost exclusively organic ingredients, my profit margin is slim. Therefore I have put off trying to wholesale my products to any brick and mortar stores. However I am in negotiations with a local high end spa who is interested in not only selling my products but also using them on their clients during treatments. I also have a small display at one of my Favorite little restaurants Tomaselli's in Elkton, OR.

What sets your business/products apart from others that sell similar items?

My products are different in that I handcraft all of them by hand personally, unlike many other similar companies who use pre-made bulk bases for there products. I also focus on the purest possible ingredients and I will not compromise by adding harmful synthetic ingredients.

Holly has generously offered one lucky winner some of her amazing belly butter!

Here's how you can win it!!
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J Fo said...

This is such great stuff! I would totally pick the belly butter. THanks!
jessffol82(at)gmail (dot)com

J Fo said...

I'm also a follower on Bloglines!

jessffol82(at)gmail (dot)com

Krull Family said...

The Belly Butter for sure! A neccessity and indulgence :)

Jamie said...

I'm looking forward to trying the amazing baths that you speak so highly of. I think I am also going to e-mail her and ask if she has any suggestions for my nasty migraines. Sounds like she knows her stuff. Love the all natural ingredients. Another great find!


Jamie said...



Jamie said...



Jen Bridgham said...

I am a huge fan of the massage oils and will be adding those to my christmas list!!

the monkey's mama said...

i totally want to try the Shoo Fly Natural Insect Repellent! It sounds PERFECT for using on my kiddo and me while pregnant. So cool to find a natural bug spray!

the monkey's mama said...

i follow!

the monkey's mama said...

i have your button on my blog! http://monkeys-on-the-bed.blogspot.com

the monkey's mama said...

tweeted! http://twitter.com/monkeygiveaways/status/3789836118

-Courtney Rae* said...

i like the Whipped Clean Fragrance Free Body Butter.

I have to use fragrance free lotions and not many people handmake lotions that are fragrance free. so this was a thrill!

also i would love to try the Shoo Fly Natural Insect Repellant. There are a lot of insect where i live in the south, gnats and flies are always around. it would be nice to find a natural way to take care of them. especially with a baby around.


-Courtney Rae* said...

i follow.


-Courtney Rae* said...

and subscribed!