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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Give-Away #3: My Organic Breast Pads

Here is a fantastic option for mothers out there who are nursing...not to mention these would also be part of a fabulous baby shower gift...introducing "Breast Buddies." Have you ever used the disposable, thin nursing pads before? They don't fit well, they don't necessarily feel the greatest (think "papery"), not to mention all the money you're spending every month on buying a new box of them? Well, My Organic Breast Pads has such a better answer: an economical, earth-friendly & fashionable approach to preventing leaks onto your clothing.

I received this pair of the "Breast Buddies" a few weeks ago from My Organic Breast Pads, and upon first glance was immediately impressed with the fashion point of them. They're constructed with designer cotton fabric and are embellished with a cute scalloped edge. Having used disposable nursing pads before, I found these so much more feminine...heck, they almost make you want to be back to nursing, they're so adorable! Then once I actually touched them...what a huge difference in softness compared to the disposable kinds you buy in the big-box stores! What makes them so soft? 6 layers of soft flannel, organic bamboo, & cotton. As their store claims, " Bamboo is one of the few fibers that are naturally antibacterial. No sprays or chemicals are used, therefore reducing the chances of allergies and skin conditions. Inherent thermal characteristics offer great breathe ability; wicking moisture away from the body." Add to that the fact that you're actually saving money by buying pads that are washable (instead of throwing them away!), and I think you've found yourself a winner!

I did wash them to see how they'd hold up, and they fared rather well. There was some fraying around some of the scalloped edging, but nothing that took away from their function, and it really only added to their shabby chic style, in my opinion. The stitching was perfect and sturdy. They do come with instructions for laundering, so that makes them great for gift-giving, as well. I found that tumble drying for just a few minutes and then laying flat to dry worked best (the few minutes in the dryer help soften them).

Here is a bit more about My Organic Breast Pads....

How long have you been creating your products?
My etsy shop, myorganicbreastpads opened on July 20th of this year. My sister shop on etsy, head2toedesigns has been up and running since September, 2008.

How did you come up with your business name?
Coming up with a name is so hard!!! My signature item is My Breast Buddies, but I didn't want the word Breast to be in my shop name ;) {The author has since changed her shop name due to a legal matter with another business of a similar name}. I will eventually be adding more to my shop than just breast pads so that is how my name myorganicbreastpads was born. I want my items to be very helpful to mom's and their babies just like a best buddy is!

How long have you been creating your products?
I have been selling on etsy and another online site for about a year now and it has been a great experience so far. I have learned a lot along the way.

What materials do you use to create your products?
Inside my breast pads I use organic cotton and bamboo, which is a fairly new product. It is so soft and absorbent, and bamboo is one of the few fibers that are naturally antibacterial.

What sets your business apart from others that create similar products?
Although making reusable, washable breast pads is not a new concept, I wanted to make mine a bit different than two pieces of flannel and some cotton batting. I really did my research and found organic cotton and bamboo to be not only the most eco-friendly but also the best fiber to use in a pad for a breastfeeding woman and her baby. It is a win-win combination for mother earth and for every mother living it! I have many fabric choices, thread color choices, stitch choices, and My Breast Buddies are very pretty flower shape, no more boring circles!

Any other advice or specials for the blog readers?
Please note that my business cards say, MyBestBuddiesBoutique but my {new} etsy shop name is myorganicbreastpads. I currently have a special going on where the 7th pair of breast pads is FREE with FREE shipping!

Now for the part you're going to love! My Organic Breast Pads is giving away two pairs (you choose the fabrics!) of their Breast Buddies to one lucky Haute Tot & Baby Couture reader!

Here is how you can win it!!

*Visit My Organic Breast Pads and find your favorite fabric,
then come back here and comment on it.

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J Fo said...

Loving the Tent Stripe and the Garden Maze! I have never even heard of using anything but the disposables, so I think this is amazing!


Hailey said...

My favorite is the Rose Damask. seriously. I LOVE this product. I'm 4 months into nursing my 2nd child and I need this. I've been spending about $18 a month in disposable pads - and now I'm realizing I could have bought two lovely pairs of this fantastic product. I typcially nurse until my babies are around 14 months, so i'm excited to see if I win! Great product!

Jamie said...

Well I have to be honest...didn't even know this existed. But I am going to order these for my friend who just had her baby 2 weeks ago. My favorite part is that I can order it in the same fabric as the bibbie/lovie that I got from YOU. Crazy that you have the same fabrics. Very neat. She is very environmentally conscious and will love this concept if she doesn't already have some. Love it...even if it was a foreign concept to me ;)


Jamie said...



Jamie said...

Follower. And if I don't stop soon I will be BROKE!!!


Mary said...

My favorite is the Rockin' Raspberry fabric!

mfalcon13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

the monkey's mama said...

woohoo! this is SO something i'm going to need in 5 months! Sadly, the Etsy store is currently down because she is on vacation...so I can't pick out a fave item. BUT everyone else's comments sound fabulous and i know that i'd find something immediately! I'd probably go with a more neutral fabric so that it wouldn't be visible through my bra, etc.

the monkey's mama said...

i follow!

the monkey's mama said...

i have your button on my blog! http://monkeys-on-the-bed.blogspot.com

the monkey's mama said...

Tweeted! http://twitter.com/monkeygiveaways/status/3789787681