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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trick or Treat (Candy Alternative)

So all kids love candy on Halloween, of course, but not all parents (or dentists, for that matter!) do, and rightly so. With everyone becoming more health-conscious lately, we certainly should not overlook that of our littlest inhabitants here on earth. So here is a fantastic alternative to giving out sweets that will not only not rot the kids' teeth but will also last longer than the week past Halloween! I myself plan to give these out to the younger kids, say ages 5 and under...and I think parents will appreciate my gesture, and won't have to feel bad about throwing out their child's hard-earned loot (a.k.a, candy), as I know some parents end up doing.

Gourmet Play makes these adorable little Halloween swirly fun crayons that are the perfect size for handing out to the little trick-or-treaters who will be ever-so-sweetly ringing your doorbell nonstop in the coming weeks! They have everything from jack-o-lanterns and fall leaves to witches, ghosts, pumpkins and haunted houses! At just $5.25 for 6, this is a great deal, especially since they come pre-packaged individually in a clear cellophane bag with a label! Other great suggestions are using them for any upcoming Halloween parties you have, or for favors for your pre-schooler's class!

last minute deal for blog followers ONLY: 20% off your order of any Halloween/Fall themed crayons, when at least 35 crayons are ordered by October 24th!! (Remember, you MUST be a blog follower to get this deal!). Refunds to be sent via PayPal once the order has been received.

halloween assortment - choose any 6 for $5.25

autumn leaves - 3 for $3.25

jack-o-lanterns - 3 for $3.50