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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make Your Own Memory Board: FREE Tutorial

So I have always wanted to put up a gloriously plush memory board in my office for things that inspire me, and I actually got around to it this past month and wanted to share the process with you. These would be great for your own office, playroom or kitchen and would look absolutely adorable with your fave kids' pics (or kids schedules, notes to husband, meal planning, etc.) posted up on them. They also make great Christmas gifts, if you're looking for something creative you can make that's relatively low on cost but high on style and meaning. Afterall, I'd rather have a beautiful way to display all my treasured memories and inspirational items as opposed to the trite & ordinary dry erase board or fridge, wouldn't you?

Materials Required:
picture frame (with matting and picture - premade)
glue/glue gun and/or mounting tape
ribbon or trim
staple gun
cork board squares

1. So, instead of starting from scratch, since I'm not much of a woodworker (although if you are handy with wood, you could build your own frame and board, too) I bought a pre-made picture with frame (find clearance deals! I found mine at Kirkland's) and removed the picture box from the front. (You'll probably just end up finding a plain 2D picture, but the frame I found, which was the large size I wanted, actually was 3D, so I needed to remove the 3D object first).

2. I then glued on all my cork board squares (my picture frame (about 24"x24" square) fit all 4 cork board pieces perfectly, but you may have to trim them if you're using a smaller picture frame). I decided to add some mounting tape to each piece, as well, for added security.

3. Next I cut the batting and fabric, making it overlap the size of the frame by about an inch on all 4 sides. The batting went on first, and the fabric went over it. (Note: The batting isn't necessary, but I wanted an extra plush, rich look). I pulled the layers taut over the cork boards and used a staple gun to attach to the back of the frame.

(this side with the print is actually the back-side of the board)

4. I then added my trim (or you could use ribbon) on my board. I started with a large "x" (using 2 separate pieces of trim) that went through the center of my board, and then made a diamond shape (using 4 separate pieces of trim) with the trim over my "x" (see pictures). I used the staple gun to secure the ends to the back of my frame corners.

5. Then it was just time to put the board back into the actual frame. Once in place, I added some staples from my staple gun to the sides of the frame in the back, right behind my board and around all 4 sides, to keep the board in place. And voila! A new memory board! Now just time to "doll up" with my motivational items, pictures and more!