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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Baby Fashions.

So, not that we really, truly experience "winter" here in Phoenix, but trust me, it does get colder here than you'd think. We actually experience night freezes on occasion and did you know it snows in northern Arizona? Anyway. All this to say that, despite our not needing the following products, I know many of you do, and, hey, we can share the love, too, can't we?

If you haven't seen these before, they are quite the winter accessory for your baby or toddler, I must say! And if you're outdoorsy, then these will be perfect for you. Introducing snow strollers. Have you seen these yet? They range in price from about $130 -$200 each, but do allow you to have winter walks without having to carry your kids around. That's certainly worth something. Not to mention, they're offering 15% off certain models until New Year's Day. Their Deluxe Plus model (their most popular) features an adjustable 3-point safety harness, reclining seat, warm padded seat, wind-proof boot, weather-proof tent, can be folded up for transportation, and carries up to 110 pounds.

And the other absolutely, positively adorable product for winter is the Stonz Wear kids' boots. They are handmade in Vancouver, Canada, and have wide openings for slipping over feet that are bare or with bundled socks. The exteriors are made of a durable coated nylon that keeps babies' feet both warm and dry. Linerz that fit inside the booties are also offered for extra warmth. Their other functional and very fashion-forward feature are the 2 toggles around the calf and ankle for a custom fit. They'll run you $46.95 per pair, but are oh-so-adorable and probably a great investment for those of you who like to be outdoors with your wee ones. Oh, and did I mention they've been seen on the likes of some of Hollywood's hottest tots? Again, probably not the most essential accessory for babies of warm climates, but with booties this cute, I certainly wouldn't pass up a pair if they came my way!