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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So with the New Year comes a time for rejuvenation, new {dare I say} resolutions, and, well, new life, right? So I was thinking, why not get some advice from all you seasoned parents out there to pass on to all those new {or soon-to-be} parents! Here's what we want to know:

*What is the best pregnancy advice you have for a soon-to-be new Mom or Dad?
*What is the best infant advice you can tell new parents?
*What is the best toddler advice you have for those dealing with the
terrible 2's and 3's?

And just to make this even more fun and interesting, let's start off the new year with a FREE GIFT for the best piece/s of advice we receive! I'll choose the winner/s at the end of January, and they'll have 48 hours to claim their prize from Adam's Blankie and/or Gourmet Play!


Becky said...

Advice for new parents ... love on each other. The stronger your love is with your spouse, the better parents you are and will enable you to be a team.

jholtonquilts said...

What is the best pregnancy advice you have for a soon-to-be new Mom or Dad?
Don't sweat all the small stuff...it may take a little bit of time to get into a good routine! If you're breastfeeding and can never remember which side you last fed on during those middle of the night feedings just keep a bracelet(or headband) on one of your wrists and switch it everytime you feed on that side. It will definitely help!!!