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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indestructible Books.

So do (or did) your kids end up chewing off and possibly eating corners and bits of paper from your paperback books? Or do they just like to tear out the pages? I've even heard of kids biting off pieces of board books. Say goodbye to those days.

Introducing "Indestructibles" by Kaaren Pixton. These new books on the market are water-proof, rip-proof, drool-proof and baby-safe. There are three books out in this series, and all have only pictures of animals or insects without any words. Truly perfect for perusing with newborns and infants. And at just $4.95 per book, they won't break the bank. Below are the 3 features - you can purchase at www.workman.com.


Lila Lea said...

Seriously, these are the best baby books ever! My daughter received one as a gift and now I must own the entire series. She loves to eat her board books, so finally, there's a book she can't destroy.