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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{Cloth Diaper FAQ's}

Our reviews and {giveaways} will kick off this week! But before we begin, I wanted to bring some frequently asked questions and answers, which are directly (ver batim) from the Thirsties brochure. {Thirsties will be our first review and will be up and live this week some time!}

"How much money will I save?"
Savings from choosing reusable diapers over disposables can add up to $2000! Using cloth wipes will rack up another $500 in savings!

"How often should I launder my diapers?"
One load every 2 days is ideal.

"How many daily diaper changes?"
Newborn - 10-12 diapers
6-12 months - 7-9 diapers
12-24 months - 6-8 diapers
Potty Learning - 2-4 diapers

"How many diapers in rotation?"
Newborn - 20-24 diapers
6-12 months - 14-18 diapers
12-24 months - 12-16 diapers
Potty Learning - 4-8 diapers

"How many covers do I need?"
One cover for every 3-4 diapers in rotation (excluding waterproof diapers).