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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

{Drybees} Review.

Drybees is a cloth diapering company that planted its roots in 2003 the kitchen of a Mom who wanted to fulfill her creative needs by making diapers other people would love! And people did love the diapers so much, in fact, that the company grew enough so that she couldn't handle all the orders herself. She has now hired another seamstress to help with the work {and being a seamstress myself, I can imagine that they stay very busy with all their orders, and probably could use a few more seamstresses!}.

Drybees offers several varieties of diapers, including pockets, all in ones fleece nighttimes, & lacies. We had the privilege of testing out the AIOs and fleece nighttimes, and we weren't disappointed!

The Fleece Nighttimes are essentially the same as their regular pocket diapers, except that they are made from materials specifically for nighttime use {or very heavy wetters}. It is constructed from a heavy weight fleece and a specially milled suede cloth. As it is in essence a pocket diaper, you stuff with the number of inserts your little one needs, of course. My son tested it with a pair of 3 layer hemp inserts overnight, and there was no leakage and the wicking worked great! The one innate issue with this diaper is, of course, that due to it being made from a heavy weight fleece, it is quite a bit bulkier than your typical cloth diaper. So you'd probably want to save this one for just overnight use or if you have a child that seems to leak through every other diaper you've tried! Just be ready to buy the pants or shorts in a size bigger than your child actually is to allow room for this diaper. That being said, it's a very comfy & cozy diaper, and would also be great during cold winter nights. In fact, my son told me in the morning, "I like that diaper," which he's never ever said about a cloth diaper before!

We also tried out their All In One {AIO} hybrid diaper in the medium size, which actually fit my nearly 3yo son quite well! It is called a hybrid because while it is an AIO, as it has an insert sewn right into the diaper, it also has a pocket so that you can put even more inserts into it should you need to! Ingenious! The layer sewn into the diaper is a 3 layer microfiber insert, which dries quickly and fluffs up quite nicely. The AIO hybrid retails for $16.95.

Drybees AIO Hybrid Pocket Diaper

This particular diaper was sooo easy to use and, most importantly, did not disappoint. We had no leakage, no rashes, and a dry bottom. They have Aplix velcro tabs for closure {with laundry tabs to keep the diaper from sticking to everything else in the washer & dryer!} and because the insert is sewn into them, they're just as easy to use as disposable diapers. I promise that Daddy, Grandma & the babysitter will all love these!

Check out Drybees here to find a local retailer to purchase your AIO hybrid or Fleece Nighttime diaper today!

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