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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

{Rocky Mountain Diapers} Review.

Rocky Mountain Diapers is a cloth diapering company that focuses mainly on just one product - their One-Size Pocket Diaper. And, as I discovered, they have about perfected this product.

The diaper features a very simple snap system. You won't find nearly as many {daunting} snaps on this one, which makes it an even better choice for Daddies and babysitters who might be a bit perplexed by cloth diapers, in general. These snaps also allow for easy laundering without the mess of velcro sticking to things and losing its "stick," if you will, after many, many washes. "So how can it be a one-size with so few snaps?", you ask? Well, that is where their internal snap adjustment comes into play. The diaper features a hidden piece of elastic adorned with snaps. All you have to do when baby's diaper size needs adjusting is to gently pull and snap to the new fitting size. Pretty clever.

Beyond that, the diaper is a very trim fit diaper {which is especially important to me!}, and has a super comfy suedecloth interior to wick away moisture from baby's skin. A microfiber insert is also included with the diaper, and it alone actually held up not only during the day with my son, but also overnight! As it is a pocket diaper {opening in the back}, of course, you can add more inserts, however, if you have an especially heavy wetter.

They also have a multitude of adorable color combinations, including their latest "chocolate-covered diapers" featuring a chocolate brown exterior with either lemon, lime or berry interior ~ very fashionable and gender neutral to be longer-lasting style-wise!

So beyond lasting through the night with just the insert the diaper came with, I especially loved this diaper's trim fit and ease of getting on without a complicated snap system. It kept my son dry, didn't leak and washed up beautifully. It has definitely become one of my favorite cloth diapers out there!

You can get yours here for $19.50 or check their site for local retailers that carry Rocky Mountain Diapers.

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