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Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Ground Hog's Day!

It's sort of a forgotten holiday, isn't it? But I thought I'd send a "Happy Ground Hog's Day" out to you all ~ especially those of you in the northern regions of the country who experience "real" winter {unlike me in Southern Arizona}! Hopefully for you all, the Ground Hog won't see his shadow today....

And to celebrate today {and all of February, for that matter!}, Adam's Blankie has a great monthly special going on right now!

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simplymerry said...

Hey, i just noticed that you recommend Babywise in your "Good Baby Reads" list... I highly recommend checking out ezzo.info... hope this helps.

simplymerry said...

here are two other sites that talk about breastfeeding in particular:

in essence... if one follows the ezzo method and their breasts do not have the capacity to hold enough milk for four hours, they will be forced to supplement. there are numerous accounts, including their contact moms, have dried up and had to turn to supplements.

there are also a lot of blogs out there that also protest the Ezzo methods...here's one to get you started:

Adam's Blankie said...

Hi simplymerry,

Thank you for offering your opinion. I believe there are many methods {of parenting} that work for different people, and I really am not the one to say how each parent should parent their child. That being said, I found certain aspects of "Babywise" highly effective {and safe}, which is what prompted its being on my "good baby reads" list. I will say that I did not implement {nor necessarily agree with} all opinions in the book, however. I do believe that every parent needs to find what works for them, and go with that ultimately {and often times, it is bits and pieces from different parenting books, I've discovered}. It's much too hard to say one style works over another, because each child, parent & family is different and also have different beliefs.

Thanks for sharing!